Mexican Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon with the lowest Coumarin content.
Free of chemicals and pesticides.

Mexican Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Sticks are graded according to the diameter of each Cinnamon Stick. The finer the Cinnamon Sticks the more prized they are. Read customer reviews from around the world..

Ceylon is the only country that process Cinnamon Sticks in the form of quills. The pipe shaped Cinnamon quills or sticks are processed by using the finer portions of the inner bark of the Cinnamon Tree.

To achieve the finest quality and optimum output we need to share a common vision and values with all our stakeholders. Since Cinnamon is a highly labor intensive industry, and as producing fine quality Cinnamon is only guaranteed through the workers’ keen care and contribution, we share one third of our turnover with one of our most valuable assets, our workforce.

Buy Real Cinnamon Sticks online - straight from Ceylon.

Cinnamon with the lowest Coumarin content

Cassia which is sold as Cinnamon in the USA has more than 1250 times more Coumarin than Ceylon Cinnamon.

Cinnamon free of chemicals and pesticides.

Our Cinnamon is grown free of chemicals and pesticides.

Cinnamon which is much sweeter than Cassia.

Ceylon Cinnamon is much sweeter than “Cassia”, hence you could reduce on the sugar in all your recipes.

Cinnamon is shipped to you within days of harvest.

We are the only company in the world that grinds your Cinnamon on the day of dispatch.

What is Coumarin ?

Coumarin is a flavoring which is found in high concentrations in “Cassia”.
Relatively small amounts of Coumarin can damage the liver of particularly sensitive individuals.

Ceylon Cinnamon only contains very low levels of Coumarin (0.004%) which is considered safe for consumption.
By contrast, “Cassia” contains high levels of Coumarin ( 5%) and large amounts of this cinnamon should not, therefore, be consumed.

Our regular customers
AndreyCoffee Machine Store - uCoffee-Machines
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In our company, we care very much about the health of our employees, cinnamon-stick products provide only the safest and most delicious cinnamon! We always order from them!
Denis DenisenkoCoffee Shop - Coffeum
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Most of our assortment is coffee, but we also sell various additives. One of them is cinnamon. We are glad to be regular customers of cinnamon-stick, because among all types of cinnamon, yours is one of the most popular among our customers. Thank you!
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We just love tasty and inexpensive cinnamon! It's incredibly fresh and flavorful!
ArthurTravel company - Go-To.Rest
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When we do tours for our clients, we always offer them drinks with cinnamon, so we need a serious and large supplier. And your cinnamon is damn delicious!
Joe GilmanCoffee Machine Rental Service - BeeCoffee
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I love cinnamon and so do my co-workers. We found you once on the Internet and stayed with you for several years!